About Raneen’s Table

About Raneen’s Table

Raneen Joudah & Raneen’s Table

Raneen’s Table was founded in January 2016 by Raneen Joudah; a self-taught cook and food enthusiast based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It all started when Raneen created an Instagram account to share her recipes with a small community of family and friends. In only six months time, her Instagram popularity grew up to 10,000 followers, so the next step was obvious; expanding the platform to reach more people.

Raneen’s Table offers a unique food blogging experience for everyone; by combining food and art to create beautiful and modern dishes for your family and friends, and most importantly, for you. Raneen shares unique and creative recipes, cooking tips and much more. Not only does Raneen share her passion for food through digital platforms, she also provides immersive cooking classes that encourage creativity and passion to create flavorful and artistic dishes.

Our team often collaborates with fellow food bloggers and enthusiasts to help them bring the best recipes and tips to their audiences. The team also works closely with shops and business owners to highlight the products that Raneen believes in and uses in her dishes. After all, Raneen’s Table is about bridging the gap between professional chefs and amateur food lovers at home.

Adeem Subaihi

Adeem Subaihi is Raneen’s Table’s senior partner and PR executive. She is a self proclaimed “Foodie” who appreciates the artistic and cultural aspects of food. When Raneen approached her about expanding Raneen’s Table, Adeem was more than eager to partner up and help Raneen reach its full potential. Together, Raneen and Adeem represent the perfect duo for food lovers everywhere.

The Team

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